New Editor and Call for Papers on Popularism

Simon R. Frost & Jyrki Hakapää

The blog has now an editorial team! Many of our readers may remember Simon R. Frost (University of Southern Denmark) as the organiser of the first thematic SHARP conference in Nordic countries. Published Words, Public Pages, held last year at the Danish Royal School of Library and Information Science (Copenhagen), brought many Nordic book historian together and demonstrated their interest in further collaboration.

And there's more coming from Denmark. Slagmark, journal of the Department of the History of ideas, Aarhus University, has just announced a call for papers for their special issue on popularism, "Det Populaer", which, according to their description, will take an interest in material culture, mass media and the public. That Slagmark tends towards papers having a fair degree of theorisation to them
will in no way disqualify readers of this blog. Their deadline for
submissions is 20 October 2009. For further information, see Slagmark's announcement.

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